Stem Lights

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    • 3 X 3W Cree LED Stem Light FD-9912-PT


      Retail Display and Home accesories come alive with this 9W LED Stem lighting fixture, which operates at cool temperatures with a high lumen output. Energy Savings Think Green 9W of pure power at the tip of the stem light it brings out all the brilliance & sparkle of your stones. This type of fixture you put inside a showcase or light box, attached to bottom of the case and hide the LED driver under.

    • 3W LED Stem Light



      Retail displays and home accessories come alive with this 3 watt LED Showcase Lighting fixtures which operate at cool temperatures with a strong lumen output.

    • Stem Light Adjustable FD-9916 & FD-9924

      from $49.00

      Close-up Dramatic Illumination. LED MR16 9W Bulb 20W or 35W Halogen bulb. Applications: Vertical uses Museum cases, Showcase, etc. Horizontal uses: Wall units, picture lights, Slatwall lighting, Kitchen, Art Galleries, Etc. Bulbs not included, but available.

    • Stem Light FD-1110 (Qutip Handle)


      Closeup Dramatic Illumination Halogen or LED Cast aluminum High quality fixture Variety of colors to complement any decor. can use MR11 or MR16 Halogen or LED bulb not include, but available.

    • Stem Light series FD-1114 (pinch back)


      Closeup dramatic illumination Halogen or LED Can use Halogen MR11 or MR16 20W or 35W Also can use for LED MR11 3W or MR16 9W Bulbs are not included, but available.