Featured Products

    • LED UFO Highbays 100W


      LED- UHB-100W - 5K LED High bay Universal Voltage 120º beam angle Hi CRI Great light for high ceilings Showroom, Warehouses, etc.

    • LED- UHB-240-5K High Bay


      LED-UHB-240-5K High Bay Great for high ceilings, showrooms, warehouses, etc.

    • LED-UHB-150-5K High Bay


      Model Number: LED-UHB-150-5K Universal Voltage 120º beam angle- Lumens 19,500lm. Great light for showrooms, High ceilings, warehouses, etc.

    • LED-UHB-200-5K High Bay


      LED-UHB-200-5K High Bay. Great light for High ceilings, showrooms, warehouses, etc. Warranty 5 years

    • Mini Analyzer


      Mini Analyzer detects counterfeit bills using 3 different methods.

    • Mini-safe


      Sturdy safe that can be opened by key, credit card, and code. Good size to accommodate a Laptop.

    • MX Bill Counter



      The MX 1000 MG/UV automatic bill counter is the latest & ultimate in the bill counting technology. With is compact heavy duty design, light weight, accuracy and speed, makes a leader in the industry. It is widely used in banks, currency exchanges, post offices, restaurants and stores, where cash is handle

    • WP 50 LED UL Listed wall pack


      50W LED Wall Pack UL listed

    • WP-150W LED Wall Pack


      WP 150W LED wall pack light UL listed.