Featured Products

    • FD-37 Low Voltage 3 inch trim

      from $9.00

      3 inch low voltage adjustable trim for variable angles. MR16 Halogen or LED bulb use with this type of trims Available in different colors: White-WH, Black-BK, Satin Nickel-SN, Pewter-PT (silver), Chrome-CH, Satin Gold-SG, Polished Gold-PB. Bulb not included, but available.

    • FD-401 4 inch Low Volt. Step baffle Trim


      4 inch Low Voltage for use with MR16 bulbs Halogen or MR16 LED Different colors available: BK/ BK black baffle, black trim. BK/WH Black baffle, white trim. WH/Wh White baffle, white trim.

    • FD-408 4 inch Adjustable Low Voltage Gimbal

      from $10.50

      4" Low Voltage adjustable flush trim. Lamp: MR16 Diameter: 4-7/8" Max Ext: 5/8" Aperture: 1-5/8"

    • FD-414 4 inch Low Volt. Recessed Lighting Eyeball Trim

      from $10.50

      Adding another dimension to the art of accent lighting, this unique low voltage recessed trim in a white finish functions like an eyeball projecting a directional down light that can be swiveled to redirect light at a desired angle. With its ability to direct light onto a specific location, this trim is perfect for accenting objects or features of a room.

    • FD 402 trim Low Voltage adjustable Recessed


      12 Volt 4 inch adjustable recessed reflector halogen or LED downlight

    • FD-501 5 inch non-adjustable trim


      5 inch line voltage metal trim for par30 bulbs. Non adjustable for 5 inch recessed housing

    • 15W LED Round Panel Light


      15W 8 inch round panel light is one of the latest lights for general lighting at any type of business. Recessed, Environmentally friendly, No UV Price at $29.00

    • 4 inch Super thin LED panel light


      Beautiful and generous appearance with 13MM thickness. It easy to install. It can be used in residential and commercial property. Reduce your energy cost. Expected lifetime of 30000 hours. Design to replace traditional down light ceiling light.

    • 4" FD-HR 405 Low Voltage Remodel housing


      4" Recessed Low Voltage remodel housing. 120V to 12V. Celing opening 4 1/8" diameter max Wattage 50W Height 5 11/16" You can use Halogen or LED MR 16 Different trims to fit this housing are available. Thermal protector- Dimmable- UL and C-UL listed (suitable for damp locations. one 50W halogen or 9W LED MR16 lamp,Available

    • FD-4000 Low Volt. New Const. housing


      NON-IC New Construction Housing. NON-IC downlight, 3" clearance must be maintained when insulation is present. J-Box and transformer accessible through ceiling opening. Designed for through branch circuit wiring. Suitable for use in 2" x 6" joist installations. Uses 12v MR16 lamp, 50w max.

    • CB-1 Single Square GU10 & Low Volt. MR16

      from $45.00

      CB-1 Single Square GU10 Line Volt. Available in Low Voltage for MR16 Halogen or LED. Elegant and modern look for any type of store. BULBS are NOT included, but available

    • FD-416-White Low Voltage Trim


      Latest 4" Square sleek Elegant & Modern Looking. You can use an LED MR16 Bulb. Cool no heat energy savings. $59.00 bulb not included, but available.

    • CB-2 Double Square adj Line Volt GU10 & Low Voltage

      from $62.00

      Double Square Line Voltage GU10. Also available in Low Voltage MR16 Halogen or LED. Elegant and modern look for any type of store. BULBS are NOT included, but available

    • CB-3 Triple Square adj Line Volt GU10 and Low Volt.

      from $85.00

      CB-3 Triple Adj. 50W GU10 Halogen or 9W LED Bulb available. Also available in Low Volt. 50W MR16 Halogen & 9W MR16 LED. Elegant & Modern Look for any type of store. BULBS are NOT Included but available

    • 3X1.67W Cree LED Puck light QS-301 12V



      3x1.67= 5 Watt LED puck light. Sold in sets of 3 with 18W LED driver and distributor.Silver color 2 3/8 inch (hole)diameter by 3/8 inch tall for recessed mount. Optional ring for surface mount 2 3/4 diameter by 1/2 inch tall. Best if used between 4" to 18" display height. UL listed

    • FD-PLHA-E-804 32W Compact Fluorescent

      from $100.00

      CFL 8232 compact fluorescent, 8" Aperture. Cut out Hole 7 7/8" 2 notches on each side of circle 3/4" wide by 3/8" deep. U.L. listed for US & Canada. For use in damp locations and approved for thrugh branch circut wiring. Precision spund aluminum reflector with white enamel self flanges, clear or gold Alzak finish. White baffle. Socket: Four pin horizontal mounted plug in compact fluorescent type lamp holder, assure precise optical alignment.

    • FD-DL640- LED Downlight


      40W LED Downlight retractable White & Silver Discount on quantities

    • LED Retrofit 6" Light


      Frosted safety glass diffuser with IP-44 shower trim approval. 1.2W X 12 Nichia LED bubs. 7.50" Trim Diameter Ceiling opening diameter: 6 inch Overall power consumption is 16.4W +/-3% Kelvin Temperature variation.

    • MH-R 670 NC



      4 times brighter than Halogen, White light, economical saves electricity, superior grade class P thermaly protected solid state ballast, restart function, auto wattage control minimun operating tem: 20ºF White trim included