Metal Halide (HID)

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      MH-Total Lux 70W & 150W Metal halide

      from $295.00

      MH-Total Lux is the type of light good for exhibitors, Metal halide, is very bright and it shows merchadise without using too many lights It can be 70W White or Black or 150W only in Black

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      CDM100W Par38


      CDM 100W Philips Master Color ceramic Metal halide Par38 Lamps offer high-efficiency, ceramic metal halide reflector lamps with a stable color over lifetime and a crisp, sparkling light.Ideal for retail accent and display lighting and architectural lighting for interior and exterior applications

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      M70P38F/D 4500K & 6500K


      Nominal lamp Wattage 70W, Nominal Lamp Voltage 90Volts, Nominal lamp current 1.0 Amps, socket rating 4.0 kV, dimming capavility no

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      M70P36 S/D 4500K & 6500K


      UV-block coating on the outer bulb. High Color rendering, CRI= 96. Open fixture rated. Open Fixture rated. Compact Par 36 bulb with medium screw base. Nominal lamp wattage 70W, nominal lamp voltage 90Volts nominal lamp current 1.0 amps, current crest factor 1.8 Maxbase designation E26 skirted medium. Bulb material hard glass, arc tube material quartz, bulb finish (front glass) UV- block coating, bulb finish ( reflector) aluminum coating 6 ft height ceiling foot candle beam center 217 beam diameter L (ft)2.77, beam diameter W (ft) 2.77. 8 feet ceiling foot candle 122 beam center L beam diameter 3.69ft, W beam diameter 3.69 ft

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      MH-R 670 NC



      4 times brighter than Halogen, White light, economical saves electricity, superior grade class P thermaly protected solid state ballast, restart function, auto wattage control minimun operating tem: 20ºF White trim included

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      CDM 35W Par20


      Philips master Color 35W par 20 Flood or Spot, 942 cool White o 830 Warm White

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      CDM 70W Par30 Metal halide Lamp


      Philips Master Color Ceramic Metal Halide Par Lamps offer a range of compact, high-efficiency, ceramic metal halide reflector lamps with a stable color over lifetime and crisp, sparkling light. Reduce lighting cost of ownership benefits. Energy-Efficient alternative to incandencent halogen Operates on existing metal halide ballast. Fade Block Lamps feature integratd UV bloking medium for reduced fading of fabrics and paintings

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      Master Color CDM-TD 150W/830 WW & 942 CW


      The Master Color CDM-TD Metal Halide lamps deliver consistant white light and higer color rendering than any standar metal halide source for architectural lighting. Tubular double-ended TD style for enclosed luminares are idel for accent lighting in indoor applications.

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      CDM 70WT6 G12 Metal halide Bulb


      Master Color CDM-T 70 T6 942 Cool White or 830 Warm White. Excellent color rendering. Superior color stability over life within + 200K. Lamp to lamp color consistency over life. Higher lumen mantanance than standard Metal Halide. Warm (3K) or fresh white (4K) color impression. High lamp efficacy (up to 93 lumens per watt) for energy saving and low heat. Universal operating position. Compact lamp dimensions for high beam intensities. Long lamp life compared to incandescent and halogen lamps. Fadeblock for reduced fading risk