Featured Products

    • Slim LED Showcase light

      from $280.00

      LED Showcase light system dramatically increase the look of your display and bring out the true brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry Pricing starts at $75.00 per ft. 4W per ft .Call for quote. Discount for quantity

    • Slim Lux 40W LED


      Slim Lux 40W LED Track White or Black

    • Slim Lux 60W LED



      SlimLux 60W of LED light excellent light for any type of Merchadise specialy jewelry energy efficient White or Black $275.00 Special price $250.00

    • Slimlux 75W LED track light



      Slimlux 75 LED Track light. Elegant slim Modern style very powerfull light and saves electricity maintenece free don't need to be changing lamps

    • Square Onyx lamp OL/SQ 201010


      OL/SQ 201010 Square Onyx Lamp with compact Fluorescent color bulb

    • Stem Light Adjustable FD-9916 & FD-9924

      from $49.00

      Close-up Dramatic Illumination. LED MR16 9W Bulb 20W or 35W Halogen bulb. Applications: Vertical uses Museum cases, Showcase, etc. Horizontal uses: Wall units, picture lights, Slatwall lighting, Kitchen, Art Galleries, Etc. Bulbs not included, but available.

    • Stem Light FD-1110 (Qutip Handle)


      Closeup Dramatic Illumination Halogen or LED Cast aluminum High quality fixture Variety of colors to complement any decor. can use MR11 or MR16 Halogen or LED bulb not include, but available.

    • Stem Light series FD-1114 (pinch back)


      Closeup dramatic illumination Halogen or LED Can use Halogen MR11 or MR16 20W or 35W Also can use for LED MR11 3W or MR16 9W Bulbs are not included, but available.

    • T Connector for LED tape lights


      T Connector for a 4 pin connector LED tape light

    • T5 Slimlight 5000 Fluorescent Light

      from $26.00

      T5 Slimlight fluorescent fixtures offer high lumen output and cool operation with 30% more efficiency than T8 fluorescent fixtures. With the option of 3 fifferent types of mounting brackets for horizontal, vertical and 45º corner installation and low profile aluminum extruded housing, it is the ideal lighting solution for retail stores, exhibit booths, coves, signage, showcases and under cabinets. They are a cool energy efficient alternative to halogen lighting. Conforms to UL standards and regulations.

    • TH 508-Par38

      from $35.00

      AIMING: 90º vertical and 330º rotation.

    • TH-508-Par30

      from $35.00

      • Step Baffle - Medium • Vertical Adjustment: 90° • Rotation: 330°

    • Ultra Slim LED Shelf Light

      from $195.00

      LED Shelf Light $65.00 per foot 1" wide by 1/8" thick 5W LED per ft Mounted in a rigged aluminum surface, acting as a heat sink and keeping LED from getting damage.

    • V LED Light for showcases



      V LED is a slick very low profile with is bright light for inside a showcase. Low-Energy and safe light $55.00 per ft Call for quotation and ordering We have the adjustable V LED

    • W56 Adjustable Light Bracket w/Clamp


      W56 is an Adjustable Bracket with clamp with adapter connector to add on a fixture to hold a light. Good to show any type of merchadise.