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    • MH-Mini 70W


      MH– Mini is a Lightweight Design ideal for Traveling Exhibitors is a smaller version of the regular Metal Halide for tracks . Only 3.5” wide and 1 1/2 lbs per fixture Easy to carry Same Technology Powerful Light Bulb available Par 30 70W Philip master Color.

    • MH-RR 570 Remodel housing


      Housing Info: remodel type 5 inches metal halide ballast 5” Metal Halide Remodel 70 W Cut Out Hole: 5.5” Thermally protected ballasts (do not install insulation above or within 3” of ballast sides Preinstalled four spring clips – no nails or screws required Permits housing to be positioned at any point High temperature painted cold rolled steel; one piece housing

    • FD-122

      from $25.00

      Low Voltage Halogen FD-122 track light with glass

    • MH-R 670 NC



      4 times brighter than Halogen, White light, economical saves electricity, superior grade class P thermaly protected solid state ballast, restart function, auto wattage control minimun operating tem: 20ºF White trim included

    • MH-R R 670 Remodel Metal Halide


      Thermal protector install on inside. Housing meets NEC & UL requirements. Protects against overheating providing insulation is kept 3" away from housing. Superior grade class J type thermaly protected solid state electronic ballast. Cut out hole 6 1/8" height 7 3/4" lenght 14".

    • MH-RN 570 Metal Halide


      5" housing new construction 70W metal halide,thermally protected ballast, has a "shutdown" feature. Superior class J protected solid state electronic ballast. For ceilings with access. We also carry Remodel type for ceilings with no access. Bulb sold separately!

    • MH-RN 435

      from $130.00

      Energy savings Metal Halide CDM-R 35W Thermally & short-protected electronic ballast UL listed, suitable for damp locations. Input Volt.....Universal volt. 108V to 305V, 50/60HZ Input Current 0.39 @ 120/ 0.16 @ 277V Output power 39W High Power factor........> 99% THD...........................< 9%

    • MH-RN470 G-12 Recessed Metal Halide

      from $125.00


      Energy saving Metal halide 4 1/2" Diameter (hole cut out) 8" Long & 5 3/4" High. Thermally and short-protected electronic ballast. UL Listed, suitable for damp locations. UL Listed for feed through. Bulb NOT INCLUDED. CDM-T 70W/942 Day light -70W/830 G12 Warm white @ $45.00each

    • MH-RR 435 Remodel 35W Metal Halide Recessed

      from $0.00

      4 inch Remodel 35W housing 4 1/4" diameter ( hole cut out) 13" long 5 3/4" high. Feautures adjustable height 4K V pulse-rated porcelain socket with nickel-plated contacts and cat eye washers to reinforce the screw shell for extra durability. Trim & Bulb NOT INCLUDED

    • MR-16 9W LED Bulb



      30ºCree LED 9W MR16 non dimmable 6000K Day light 490LM CW: 450 LM WW: 390 LM G5.3 12V AC/DC 30,000 HR life span

    • LED Retrofit 6" Light


      Frosted safety glass diffuser with IP-44 shower trim approval. 1.2W X 12 Nichia LED bubs. 7.50" Trim Diameter Ceiling opening diameter: 6 inch Overall power consumption is 16.4W +/-3% Kelvin Temperature variation.

    • Slim 6000 LED Strip light

      from $420.00

      LED showcase light system dramatically increase the look of your display and bring out the true brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry. LED Showcase Light or Strip Light 6400K Day Light is for Diamonds and finish jewelry with Diamonds, white goods Watches, pearls, etc. 4100K for color stones and jewelry with color stones. 3000K Warm White is for gold or some color stones. Also you can mixed 4K & 3 K 1 line of each color for this special effects you can only order by calling 1-800-326-4256 and speak to a sales person. $105.00 per ft includes every thing you need.

    • LED Tape Light 5050-1850


      Roll of 5 meter approximately 16' 4" long 300 LED per roll if you are going to use only one LED driver for the whole roll you will need a 96W Driver Long lasting average life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours White, super white, warm white Self stick. comes with 3M two way tape for easy installation. 360 Lumens

    • Six inch Recessed Metal Halide MH-RN 6100



      4 Times brighter than halogen Diamond White Light Economical Saves Electricity 1=4 Metal Halide Light quality= to day light 100W Metal Halide Low Peak inrush current. Trim & Bulb NOT INCLUDED

    • 6 inch Metal Halide Remodel Housing MH-RR6100 100W


      Six inch thermaly protected remodel housing. Remodel Type Metal Halide Recessed Bulb sold separately.

    • MH-H 100W Metal Halide-Diamond Track Light copy


      Lux Millenium is a trade mark of Future Designs. Metal Halide is a major Technological advance in display lighting that significantly increases the look and sparkle of Diamonds and precious stones. 4 Times brighter than Halogen. Economical= saves electricity Swivel= 360º on fixture and 180º on Lamp Cool = Advance heat sinks design (keeps ballast running cool) Warranty 6 Years on ballast. Electronoc HID Ballast Thermally protected. 100W Metal halide Bulb NOT Included.

    • MH-Mini 1238 70W Track Lux Millenium

      from $135.00

      MH-Mini 1238 is a beautiful design for track with a cone to cover bulb. 70W ballast, available in 35W also. Slim, economical, saves electricity. Light weight and smaller design good for exibitors. 4 Times brighter than Halogen Metal Halide is a major technological advance in display lighting, that increases the look and sparkle of Diamonds and precious stones. (Bulb sold separately!) Lux Millenium is a trade mark of Future Design.

    • MH-Mini 35W Track Lux Millenium


      This new & small track light 35W has the same technology as a regular Metal Halide . Energy saving- uses less electricity. Thermally and short protected ballast Multi directional head. Par 20 bulb 4K Flood or spot White light Par 20 bulb 3K flood or spot warm white Cooler and brighter than halogen

    • MH-Mini G12 70W Track Lux Millenium


      Elegant & small style Lights up to a 6' showcase or wallcase Multi direccional head BULB NOT included with fixture T6 70W 942 White 830 Warm white. Frosted reflector with clear lens. Polished reflector with linear lens.

    • MH-S Mini 35W Track Light Metal Halide

      from $0.00

      The design of the is shallow with the same technology of Metal Halide (Diamond Light). Quality light for jewelry Day light, now special price. Bulbs sold separately.

    • MH-WW292 70W Track Lux Millenium

      from $200.00

      It is The perfect light to show merchandise or jewelry on wall cases or a wall area. Lights up to 6' area very powerful & yet energy efficient It uses a CDM TD 70W bulb 942 Cool White or 830 Warm White

    • CFL- W1239 Compact Fluorescent Track Light


      Ideal for large area ilumination and for wall washing. High Lumen Compact Fluorescent lamps are extremely efficient.

    • CFL-W1255 Compact Fluorescent Track Light

      from $179.00

      Ideal for large area ilumination and for wall washing. High Lumen Compact Fluorescent lamps are extremely efficient. 2-55W Lamps for each fixture needed.

    • CFL 8226 26W Fluorescent Recessed Housing


      8" Aperture Horizontal compact fluorescent Downlight. Cut out hole 7 7/8" 2 notches on each side of the circle 3/4" wide by 3/8" deep. Precision spun aluminum reflector with white enamel self flanges, Clear or Gold Alzak finish. White or Black Baffle. Easy to install. Lenght 13" Width 9" Height 6" It will need 2 Lamps

    • FD-PLHA-E-804 32W Compact Fluorescent

      from $100.00

      CFL 8232 compact fluorescent, 8" Aperture. Cut out Hole 7 7/8" 2 notches on each side of circle 3/4" wide by 3/8" deep. U.L. listed for US & Canada. For use in damp locations and approved for thrugh branch circut wiring. Precision spund aluminum reflector with white enamel self flanges, clear or gold Alzak finish. White baffle. Socket: Four pin horizontal mounted plug in compact fluorescent type lamp holder, assure precise optical alignment.