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    • Slim 6000 LED Strip light

      from $420.00

      LED showcase light system dramatically increase the look of your display and bring out the true brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry. LED Showcase Light or Strip Light 6400K Day Light is for Diamonds and finish jewelry with Diamonds, white goods Watches, pearls, etc. 4100K for color stones and jewelry with color stones. 3000K Warm White is for gold or some color stones. Also you can mixed 4K & 3 K 1 line of each color for this special effects you can only order by calling 1-800-326-4256 and speak to a sales person. $105.00 per ft includes every thing you need.

    • LED High Bay 60W-100W-150W-200W

      from $275.00

      Hi Bay LED 5 years Warranty, UL Listed 50,000 Hrs.

    • Slim LED Showcase light

      from $280.00

      LED Showcase light system dramatically increase the look of your display and bring out the true brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry Pricing starts at $75.00 per ft. 4W per ft .Call for quote. Discount for quantity

    • HLG-320H-12JB 264W LED Driver Outdoor wet locations


      Model: HLG-320H-12JB LED driver for dry, humed and outdoors wet locations 100-240 VAC 3.5A 277 VAC North America 1.45A IP 67 264W

    • LED 2X2 Panel light 36W & 72W

      from $225.00

      Super High light transmit shell distribute uniformed light. 2X2 36W or 72W LED panel light Warm White 2700-3300K, Normal White 3800-4500K & Cool White 5500-6500K Price for 36W LED panel light $225.00 Price for 72W LED panel light $350.00

    • MH-Total Lux 70W & 150W Metal halide

      from $295.00

      MH-Total Lux is the type of light good for exhibitors, Metal halide, is very bright and it shows merchadise without using too many lights It can be 70W White or Black or 150W only in Black

    • Slimlux 75W LED track light



      Slimlux 75 LED Track light. Elegant slim Modern style very powerfull light and saves electricity maintenece free don't need to be changing lamps

    • Ultra Slim LED Shelf Light

      from $195.00

      LED Shelf Light $65.00 per foot 1" wide by 1/8" thick 5W LED per ft Mounted in a rigged aluminum surface, acting as a heat sink and keeping LED from getting damage.

    • 40W LED Double Lux track light



      Double 40W LED Track lights are Modern, elegant and save energy with a High power Lumen

    • LED Retrofit Showcase light (Double Row)

      from $0.00

      The LED Retrofit is a showcase light that can simply switch your existing halogen and fluorescent for a longer lasting, eco-friendly LED light made to surpass the quality and efficacy of the ancient halogen and fluorescent fixtures. Two rows of LED power will attract many new customers as your items are perfeclty illuminated.