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    • Par 38 16W LED bulb



      Super bright high power LED. Par 38 16W LED bulb 35,000 hours life span. Warm -Neutral-cool White. High efficiency save electricity Color temperature Warm/ Neutral/Cool White with non-distortion integrative acryl optical lens. Professional optical design,ensure the high light efficiency. Frosted lens surface, high transparency and glare free no UV or IR radiation Beam angle 25/40 degree

    • 100W LED Torpedo bulb



      Workshop and warehouse lighting, Public lighting ( airtport, train station, etc) Garage Lighting (4 S Shop) large- scale heavy industrial workshop lighting ( steel mills, automotibile factory, ship factory etc) Outdoor street lighting.

    • 105W Fluorescent T5 Spiral bulb


      105W Fluorescent T5 Spiral bulb. Commercial use, use in Hi bay fixtures. available in 3 different color lights. 3000K, 4100K, & 6500K

    • 120W LED Corn Bulb


      120W LED Corn Bulb-Hi Power LED- Remote Driver 80W LED Corn Bulb- Hi power- 8360 lumens Remote Driver

    • 20W Par 20 LED Bulb



      Par 20 LED 20 Watts is a small bulb with a lot of lumens. Compare to other bulbs that size

    • 25W Par 20 LED Bulb


      25W par 20 LED Bulb Most powerfull Par20 bulb now.

    • 3W LED MR 11Bulb



      Energy Efficient Low maintenence Cool Light Good for any merchandise special for chocolates & make up

    • 4W G4 Bi-pin LED Bulb


      You can replace your Halogen G4 with the LED G4 bulb. No problem, White color light for your Diamonds, Silver & pearl jewelry

    • 4W LED G4 bipin bulb



      The newest G4 bipin LED available 2.5W of LED White (Day) light or Warm White. High efficiency, save electricity. Perfect to replace the Halogen G4 bulb for showcase.

    • 9 Watts LED GU10 Bulb

      from $0.00

      3W X 3W LED = 9W Cree LED Perfect bulb white light, no heat, low electric conmsuption. Environmentally friendly No Mercury, No UV or IR

    • 9W Par20 LED Dimmable


      9W Par20 LED. Close out sale $19.95

    • CDM 35W Par20


      Philips master Color 35W par 20 Flood or Spot, 942 cool White o 830 Warm White

    • CDM 70 W Par 38 Metal Halide


      CDM Master Color 70W Par38 Metal halide lamps offer High efficiency, ceramic metal reflector lamps with a stable color over lifetime and a crisp, sparkliing light.

    • CDM 70W Par30 Metal halide Lamp


      Philips Master Color Ceramic Metal Halide Par Lamps offer a range of compact, high-efficiency, ceramic metal halide reflector lamps with a stable color over lifetime and crisp, sparkling light. Reduce lighting cost of ownership benefits. Energy-Efficient alternative to incandencent halogen Operates on existing metal halide ballast. Fade Block Lamps feature integratd UV bloking medium for reduced fading of fabrics and paintings

    • CDM 70WT6 G12 Metal halide Bulb


      Master Color CDM-T 70 T6 942 Cool White or 830 Warm White. Excellent color rendering. Superior color stability over life within + 200K. Lamp to lamp color consistency over life. Higher lumen mantanance than standard Metal Halide. Warm (3K) or fresh white (4K) color impression. High lamp efficacy (up to 93 lumens per watt) for energy saving and low heat. Universal operating position. Compact lamp dimensions for high beam intensities. Long lamp life compared to incandescent and halogen lamps. Fadeblock for reduced fading risk

    • CDM100W Par38


      CDM 100W Philips Master Color ceramic Metal halide Par38 Lamps offer high-efficiency, ceramic metal halide reflector lamps with a stable color over lifetime and a crisp, sparkling light.Ideal for retail accent and display lighting and architectural lighting for interior and exterior applications

    • COB LED 7W GU10



      COB LED GU10 Bulb

    • FD LGD LED 60W Corn Bulb



      LED 60W Corn bulb is a very powerful bright bulb, energy efficiency. 6000 K 6350 Lumens.