Showcase Lights

Featured Products

    • 3 X 3W Cree LED Stem Light FD-9912-PT


      Retail Display and Home accesories come alive with this 9W LED Stem lighting fixture, which operates at cool temperatures with a high lumen output. Energy Savings Think Green 9W of pure power at the tip of the stem light it brings out all the brilliance & sparkle of your stones. This type of fixture you put inside a showcase or light box, attached to bottom of the case and hide the LED driver under.

    • 3W LED Stem Light



      Retail displays and home accessories come alive with this 3 watt LED Showcase Lighting fixtures which operate at cool temperatures with a strong lumen output.

    • AP-006 Corner lighting


      AP 006 Aluminum corner w/ diffused cover lighting is widely used vertically in a showcase, tower etc. Horizontally used for Cove lighting, showcases, hutches, steps, etc. Call for pricing 1-800-326-4256 for pricing, availability & time of delivery Call 1-800-326-4256

    • APC 1506 Shallow U Channel Aluminun Extrusion


      APC 1506 is a shallow U channel. Used mostly under kitchen cabinets, hutches, china cabinets, under shelves, refrigeration & closets. Call for quote

    • APC 2206 Shallow U channel with wings


      APC 2206 Shallow U channel with wings. Can be inserted in routed channel, in walls, wood & tile floors, under kitchen cabinets, hitches, steps, etc. Call for pricing

    • APC 2212 Tall channel with Wings


      APC 2212 Tall channel with wings. Normally surface mounted with clips or can be inserted in floors, wall, under cabinet, hutches, steps, etc.

    • APC 2515 Tall channel


      APC 2515 tall channel for floors, walls, bars, architertural use. Call for quote or to order 1-800-326-4256 or email

    • Halogen Showcase light Slim-lite 2000

      from $69.00

      Halogen Light system dramatically increase the look of your Display area and bring out the true brilliance, sparkle and color of your jewelry. Good for Gold and color Stones. Bulbs, transformers and installation hardware included Call for special ordering 1-800-326-4256

    • LED Fish Eye AL-R22 1WLED White light

      from $75.00

      Cabinet Recessed Light Model: Acryled Fishesye AL-R22 1 Watt LED Fish Eye 2 inch size is cool, economical white light for inside cabinets. Perfect for merchandise like chocolates, perfumes, cookies, watches, make up and any type of merchandise that you want to show. Sets of 6 with Distributor & LED driver & Sets of 3 w/dis. & Driver

    • LED Pencil showcase light

      from $180.00

      LED Pencil Showcase display light. Very slim and Elegant.

    • LED Retrofit Showcase light (Double Row)

      from $0.00

      The LED Retrofit is a showcase light that can simply switch your existing halogen and fluorescent for a longer lasting, eco-friendly LED light made to surpass the quality and efficacy of the ancient halogen and fluorescent fixtures. Two rows of LED power will attract many new customers as your items are perfeclty illuminated.

    • LED Tape Light -5050-1150


      We can Custom cut and fabricate for signs, book, shelves, bars, boats, kitchen, cove lighting, hutches, wall units, Murphy beds, cars, edge lighting, etc.

    • LED Tape Light 3528


      We can custom cut & custom fabricate for signs, book shelves, bars, boats, kitchen, cove lighting, hutches, wall units, Murphy beds, cars, edge lighting. LED Drivers available

    • LED Tape Light 5050-1850


      Roll of 5 meter approximately 16' 4" long 300 LED per roll if you are going to use only one LED driver for the whole roll you will need a 96W Driver Long lasting average life of 30,000 to 50,000 hours White, super white, warm white Self stick. comes with 3M two way tape for easy installation. 360 Lumens

    • LUX FD-Flex-PL-12V-60-RGB UL Listed


      LUX FD-Flex-PL-12V-60-RGB UL Listed

    • LUX SMD 1850 UL Listed Tape Light


      High Quality LED SMD 1850 UL Listed E468691 in Warm White, Cool White, Day light also available in RGB Best light for jewelry available, saves energy and is good for our planet.

    • LUX- SMD-3528 UL Listed LED Tape light


      High Quality LED Tape light - 5 Meter Rolls = 16'4" Ft. LUX SMD 3528 UL Listed

    • Slim 6000 LED Strip light

      from $420.00

      LED showcase light system dramatically increase the look of your display and bring out the true brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry. LED Showcase Light or Strip Light 6400K Day Light is for Diamonds and finish jewelry with Diamonds, white goods Watches, pearls, etc. 4100K for color stones and jewelry with color stones. 3000K Warm White is for gold or some color stones. Also you can mixed 4K & 3 K 1 line of each color for this special effects you can only order by calling 1-800-326-4256 and speak to a sales person. $105.00 per ft includes every thing you need.

    • Slim LED Showcase light

      from $280.00

      LED Showcase light system dramatically increase the look of your display and bring out the true brilliance and sparkle of your jewelry Pricing starts at $75.00 per ft. 4W per ft .Call for quote. Discount for quantity

    • Stem Light Adjustable FD-9916 & FD-9924

      from $49.00

      Close-up Dramatic Illumination. LED MR16 9W Bulb 20W or 35W Halogen bulb. Applications: Vertical uses Museum cases, Showcase, etc. Horizontal uses: Wall units, picture lights, Slatwall lighting, Kitchen, Art Galleries, Etc. Bulbs not included, but available.

    • Stem Light series FD-1114 (pinch back)


      Closeup dramatic illumination Halogen or LED Can use Halogen MR11 or MR16 20W or 35W Also can use for LED MR11 3W or MR16 9W Bulbs are not included, but available.

    • Ultra Slim LED Shelf Light

      from $195.00

      LED Shelf Light $65.00 per foot 1" wide by 1/8" thick 5W LED per ft Mounted in a rigged aluminum surface, acting as a heat sink and keeping LED from getting damage.

    • V LED Light for showcases



      V LED is a slick very low profile with is bright light for inside a showcase. Low-Energy and safe light $55.00 per ft Call for quotation and ordering We have the adjustable V LED