Parking, Gas station & Street light

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      150W LED Slipfitter parking light


      New item !!! 150W LED parking light excellent Powerfull and energy efficient light. Call for pricing. Accessories available

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      LED Retrofit 6" Light


      Frosted safety glass diffuser with IP-44 shower trim approval. 1.2W X 12 Nichia LED bubs. 7.50" Trim Diameter Ceiling opening diameter: 6 inch Overall power consumption is 16.4W +/-3% Kelvin Temperature variation.

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      LED Retrofit Kit 120W = 400W MH

      from $299.00

      120W LED = 400W MH 11400 Lumens price $299.00 240W LED = 750W MH 23000 Lumens price $425.00

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      LED UFO Highbays 100W


      LED- UHB-100W - 5K LED High bay Universal Voltage 120º beam angle Hi CRI Great light for high ceilings Showroom, Warehouses, etc.

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      LED- UHB-240-5K High Bay


      LED-UHB-240-5K High Bay Great for high ceilings, showrooms, warehouses, etc.

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      LED-UHB-150-5K High Bay


      Model Number: LED-UHB-150-5K Universal Voltage 120º beam angle- Lumens 19,500lm. Great light for showrooms, High ceilings, warehouses, etc.

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      LED-UHB-200-5K High Bay


      LED-UHB-200-5K High Bay. Great light for High ceilings, showrooms, warehouses, etc. Warranty 5 years