Pendant HID

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      MH-Aurora 70W Pendant Metal Halide

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      MH-Aurora 70W with Par 30 Philip 942 (cool white) or 830 (Warm white) Also 35W available is 4 times brigter than halogen. More economical, less maintenece expense. Bulb life time 10,000 hrs. The perfect light for jewelry with an elegant look Great for high ceilings. Other glasses available

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      MH-Prismalite Pendant 6 inch glass 35W



      MH-P 635 Pendant 6" glass Prismalite 35W Metal Halide White Diamond Light Frost or Clear glass White or Black ballast casing 35W Par 20 Bulb 942 Day light or 830 Warm White INCLUDED

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      Saturn G12 70W Metal Halide Pendant



      Very Unique looking style, elegant & modern with only 70W gives the lumens of 240W of light. One Light fixture for one showcase Use for High ceilings Jewelers love this light 70W/942 T6 (cool White) is for white goods. Diamonds, Watches, Pearls & jewelry with Diamonds. 70W/830 T6 bulb (Warm White) is use for Gold, Color Stones and any type of Merchandise that needs a warmer color. Price is $195.00 and bulb is included in price.