About Future Designs Lighting

Future Designs has been in the lighting business for overĀ 30 years, with the experience and the dedication to serve our costumers with the best and the latest technology available, also with the best possible price for the best product.

We are always designing new products to cater our clients necessities.

At Future Designs we strive for Excellence to stay ahead of Technology. Our Experience Engineers work hard to Design and Develop new products to fit our clients needs.

We keep a large inventory of products to have on hand when is needed.

Many of our merchandise is custom made to fit your showcases, etc

List of Items we sell

We sell light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, halogen quartz bulbs, LED bulbs, metal halide bulbs, high pressure sodium bulbs, mercury bulbs, low pressure sodium bulbs, photo and projector bulbs, miniature bulbs, automotive bulbs, fluorescent ballasts, metal halide ballasts, high pressure sodium ballasts, low pressure sodium ballasts, low voltage transformers, neon transformers and neon parts, rope light all colors and controllers, black light bulbs and fixtures, track lighting, recessed can light, fluorescent fixtures all types, quartz fixtures, metal halide fixtures, high pressure sodium fixtures, low pressure sodium fixtures, incandescent fixtures, explosion proof fixtures, vapor tight incandescent and fluorescent fixtures, incandescent adaptors and sockets, fluorescent sockets, incandescent and fluorescent dimmers, exit light fixtures, emergency light fixtures and bulbs. Please check out our inventory of lighting fixtures, gu10 halogen, light bulb, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp, incandescent bulb, metal halide, rope light, blacklight bulbs, connectors sockets and terminal blocks, hid electronic ballasts, 60 watt incandescent bulb, miniature lamp bulb, high pressure sodium light.